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The Fourth Crystal: The Shahar Chronicles

In this modern world magic is thing of fantasy and fairy tales, b ut that all changed when an archaeological dig unearthed things that would have been better left buried. Ancient artifacts created millennia's ago by aliens restores some magic to the world, as two disparate sorcerers begin to wield power that could twist all the preconceived laws of nature. Young Simon Hadley is a reluctant telepathic twenty-first century magician, and as he struggles with this inheritance, he is challenged by an evil antagonist of guile and innovation, whose powerful sorcery threatens the entire fabric of modern civilization.

Pathway of the Gods: The Shahar Chronicles 2

As the young disoriented Simon Hadley finally gets a grip onto his repressed sorcery skills, he puts all of his efforts into finding his missing friends. As he reunites them all into their former tight union and they strive to avoid recapture; they also realize that they have to move rapidly to somehow limit the growing power of their adversaries. As events escalate out of control, the remnant of the ancient forces with which Simon is bonded, intervenes to assist him to escape this turmoil but into a warring feudal society, where he now begins to contemplate that perhaps much of his actions could well have been due to some grand plan devised by alien explorers in antiquity.

The God Child: The Shahar Chronicles 3
Now as a sorcerer of considerable power, Simon the Sorcerer reluctantly assists in repelling a barbaric invasion from the Divine Union in the south which is being led by the evil and ruthless Godchild Sorcerer. His worries increase as his understanding of time and reality is shattered when he finds himself in the presence of the most omnipotent creature to ever exist in the universe; and the even worse when he is later exposed to an evil species so horrendous and powerful that the whole fabric of the galaxy is threatened.

Network of Fear: (Red Tide Series)
Fear and desperation causes the young journalist to develop latent and strange psychic abilities which assist him in his struggles against his assailants, but his inexperience in this dark subsistence soon threatens his sanity and his life. His subsequent friendship with an aggressive blond Norseman and a rambunctious cat, might make for an unholy and unlikely alliance, but they are both well suited to assist him to cope and survive in this threatening lifestyle, and slowly the bond between them develops into a formidable force.

In Pursuit of Darkness: (Red Tide Series)
Another dangerous red tide adventure is launched when Roland and Eric Borg accept an assignment from their mysterious secret service benefactor to search for the abducted daughter of an influential tycoon. This investigation launches the men and their telepathic cat into a chilling investigation, with ramifications that stretches their entire concept of life. The fabric of time and space are stretched into other realities, as Roland's alienity and powerful paranormal talents work frantically to protect them from marauding ruthless criminals, and an adversary with skills to match their own.

The Shivering: (Red Tide Series)
This is the third book in the red tide series. Rabid horror and strange malevolent women appears to stalk the streets of Seattle and the nearby towns, and once again Roland's alien paranormal abilities are brought to the fore, and along with Erik's usual resourcefulness and the guile of the telepathic Telesphorus, they make a determined effort to seek out the secrets and origins of this evil. Slowly they probe deeper into the mystery, and as their ruthless antagonists strike out at them, they are drawn into a dangerous struggle which reaches out far from the confines of the city.

Day of the Virus
Dean was only a teenager when he escapes after the horrific deaths of his mother and sister. A few years later these assailants catch up with him, but this time late adolescent changes in his body kick in with bewildering talents which assist him to escape. As he teams up with a young woman their flight is complicated with incomprehensible complications, as he is plagued with unusual sensory and mutating physical changes. Now he responds to his adversaries' savagery with a ruthlessness of his own, and they work together to cope with the terrifying cellular changes that are occurring within him from his father's mutated DNA, and to continue his quest in solving the lethal mystery that threatens their survival.

Time of Spellcasters
Bereft of his memory and lost in a strange land, young Djorn is nervous when he is confronted by a frightening alien creature. He soon realizes that the creature is telepathic and friendly, and that despite its alieninity and appearance it is sentiment and highly intelligent. With his new friend's assistance he attempts to seek assistance from others like himself, but unfortunately he is drawn into a deadly conflict where his own emerging magic is pitted against the evil sorcerers of the dark Dreyfos-mu cult and their evil malevolent living god.

The Tribes of Tane
In 1282 Carlos de Tanez takes his ship on a voyage of discovery around Cape Horn and into the Pacific where they discovered the virgin lands of the future New Zealand. Gathering male workers and women as slaves from the Americas and the Pacific islands, they finally abandon them there thereby providing the ancestors of the Maori people. Taken from a depressing life of drudgery and derogation, Juan Kupez was only sixteen when he joins the expedition. His bright and friendly disposition is well accepted amongst his fellow adventurers, but unfortunately he also has to cope with the animosity of another youth, and the changing relationship that develops between them.

The Sexual Misadventures of Hurt.
Hurt is a rampant promiscuous youth, and his tale about himself and his friend Seth can at times be amusing, coarse, or outrageous, as it delves into their sensuality and spirit of adventure as they enter into full manhood, while they are being willingly or unwittingly exposed to more than a little of the seamier and darker sides of life.When young Hurt leaves his dysfunctional family behind and sets out with Seth on a odyssey across America, his guileless immaturity leaves him quite unprepared for the series of sexual encounters and perilous situations which seem to plague them both. This naivety slowly fades as they both come to grips with the sordid secrets of people's private thoughts and lives, where they often find that running away is usually the safer option.

Bad Boy Bobby

Bobby Baxter is a gifted student with a roguish mischievous personality who is launched into a medical internship just before his twenty-third birthday, and after those years of intense studying he had a lot of living to catch up with. He reunites with his hometown best buddy who is of the same impish and happy-go-lucky disposition as himself, and who like him can often see humor in a situation where others can see only a dilemma. After he accepts an internship in a small quiet town, they both move there, and soon discover that it isn't at all like it seems, and as they scratch the surface of its secretive side they are swept up into the periphery of an alternative lifestyle of sex, greed, and violence.


The Elven Legacy

Over a thousand years have passed since the forging of the Luccellan Empire and the migration of the fleeing Iceni under the protection of the hybrid Mage Ezra. Now calling themselves Iberians; three kingdoms are now spread over the New Lands, but the Elven descendants of Ezra have been ostracized by the mainstream Iberians and are now being persecuted.

This is also the time of prophecy, and as the red skies come as predicted, the Triane rises from amidst all the turmoil, born to confront the alien rabid Tzătin sorcerers as their thousands of years of assault on the dome is finally succeeding. Young Talon t'Alors submits to his inheritance as Triane reluctantly, but with the assistance of his feisty girl friend Gwen, and the ancient sorcerer Simon Hadley, he works hard to increase his talents and skills. Now it is a race between Talon and the Tzătins to gain the ultimate power of the Kadosh magic, and to prevent the greatest threat to the two universes since their creation.

Off With Their Heads

Roland and Erik Borg and their rambunctious telepathic cat Telesphorus, appear to have taken on more than they had expected when they reluctantly accept an assignment to investigate a series of headless male victims. Dubbed the 'Red Queen' killings, they appear to be without motive or commonality, and the means of egress to the crime scenes challenges any reasonable explanation.

Unfortunately a freak incident dampens Roland's considerable paranormal skills and their efforts and safety are seriously put at risk. With the horrific killings accelerating and the mystery deepening, they have to call on a couple of clairvoyant friends to assist them while Roland struggles to regain his skills.

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